tirsdag den 18. september 2012

Challenge Week 36: Tape Mani

Yesterday I realised I'd totally forgotten to post Challenge Week 36 - apparently I had a brain melt down over something :). So I'd better post this now:

As you can see my tapeskills have been vastly improved! Please refer to this disaster if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Some of you may notice this mani is on my left hand. I actually wore the red opposite my Dr. Who mani and just did the tape mani the day after - so I actually had this ready for photoing and posting the day it was supposed to go up. See, I told you I had a brain melt down!

This is nails inc. st. james's before the taping, a wonderful bluetoned red with a very slight shimmer that unfortunately is invisible unless there is bright sunshine. The application was ace, it is a one coater and levels out nicely. Dry time was average.

I've worn RBL Black Russian on two occasions, both times I was blown away be the intense red shimmer that this black polish has. The depth of this colour is out of this world and it is a breeze to work with. I also think it is a testament to it's awesomeness that it covers so well with one layer.

I think I'm gonna wear Black Russian sometime in the near future - I have fallen in love with it once more.

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