torsdag den 19. februar 2015

From the Vault: Girly Bits Gloss48 Trio swatches

I've been crappily sick today and ideas for my Fancy Friday manicure for this week are seemingly lost in my sickness - so while I am feeling awful I thought I might as well write up a post on a manicure that has been hiding in the vault for the better part of nine months :D

I was so very fortunate to get a hold of a very limited trio of polishes that the wonderful Pam Heil from Girly Bits Cosmetics did for a Gloss48 promo last February, #endlesslove, #islandtime and #blingernails.

#endlesslove on my thumb, index and pinkie. #islandtime on my middle and ring.

I was on a train ride to a family get-together wearing this mani in May last year.  The sun was shining through the windows and I was blinded by my own nails :D

#endlesslove and #islandtime topped with #blingernails equals gorgeous nails!!