fredag den 23. august 2013

Fancy Friday #17: Sideways Manicure - with a dash of #16

Fancy Friday time here on the blog with two challenges since I had done the Chevron mani - but since the twins started school last week I didn't find the time to write up the post.

So first up is this week's manicure which is a Sideways one. Basically it is doing a french tip on the side of your this:

I've never been good at french tips freehand but these turned out okay I think.

I've used my absolute favourite indie brand right now for this mani, Elevation Polish. Lulu did a collaboration duo with Crows Toes in June called Too F#%*ing Hot/Too F#%*ing Cold and this is the gorgeousness that came out of that.

 I think the thumb turned out the best:

Too F#%*ing Cold bottle shot - and for some reason I totally forgot to take a pic of the Too F#%*ing Hot bottle...

And now for last week's challenge: Chevron. I had this in my head the first time I suggested this in our group,

but then when I got to the time where I was going to do it I got sidetracked and made this instead:

And when I realised my mistake I removed it but instead of following Sarah's great tutorial I decided to do it with tape. BIG MISTAKE!!!!! I know that my skills are better today and that I can freehand a lot better now so I do believe I could have done a better job of it than what it ended up with:

 These are so unaligned it is almost too funny :D

Elevation Polish Owen, Elevation Polish Higravstinden, Elevation Polish I Got the Axe:

Oh just realised both manis were made with Elevations...

Fælles Fredag er tilbage her på bloggen med den 17. af slagsen. I denne uge er det Sideways Manicure, hvilket altså bare er en French tip på siden af neglen. Sidste uge fik jeg ikke lagt min mani op selv om den var lavet - jeg havde virkelig travlt med pigernes føste skoledag, så der var bare ikke tid til at skrive et indlæg, så billederne er inkluderet her...og altså det gik først op for mig til aller sidst at jeg havde brugt Elevation Polish til begge manier :D