onsdag den 5. december 2012

Dandy Nails Grave Robber

 Wow how time flies at this time of year - as soon as I get close to December it seem to just sift through my fingers.

So here, without further ado is the second of Dandy Nails' Halloween Collection polishes: Grave Robber.

This is a beautiful layering glitter polish with silver and copper shreds and micro glitters and looks gorgeous over white.

It has the usual perfect formula that Sandy delivers with every single polish and it is easily applied.

 Dry time was quick for a glitter like this and I didn't have to place them or dab, just two coats of regular applied polish :D.

Dandy Nails can be purchased here and I urge you to try her polishes out - they are fabulous!!

2 kommentarer:

  1. It looks really nice - I love the way the orange glitters kinda glow :)

    1. Yeah, that took me by surprise when I put it on - it looks like they're on fire!!