tirsdag den 9. oktober 2012

Editing failures...

The reason for the silence here on the blog: these pictures took me more than two hours to edit and I only had to crop and watermark them...I am not a happy camper!!

Elevation Polish Ama Dablam over YSL 142 Electric Orange and Leighton Denny Plush Pink

Elevation Polish Ama Dablam over Leighton Denny Plush Pink and YSL 142 Electric Orange

I am having an awful lot of problems with scripts running on google that messes with my computer all the time, so I need to look into other photo editing options than Picasa - and since it is starting to react this way on blogger as well I have even more problems than I used to have. Have to post this now, scripts are running all over the place!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Try picmonkey.com. :) It's what I use and I never have any issues with it!

    1. Thank you sweetie, I'll look into it and see if I can get myself properly acquainted with it to post...let's see...NOW. Gosh I'm so behind!!

  2. How strange! I've used picasa for a long time and its never been to bad sometimes slow but nothing un manageable!

    Jazz x