fredag den 26. oktober 2012

Challenge Week 41: Patchwork Mani

Searching for examples of patchwork manis will most likely get loads of hits on tape manis and though I'm a BIG fan of those - yes I have learned something since this debacle I decided to do the Other one - which is...da-da-daaaaa:

Yeah, I was smiling too when I realised these patches weren't stitched to the bottom layer :D

Anyhoo, I never got around to finish them so it is what it is...I do love the colours together so that is a big plus for me.

These were the colours I used:
Bottom layer: Illamasqua Eclipse
Light cornflower blue patch: Illamasqua Caress
Mint green patch: Illamasqua Milf
Stitches: a-england Camelot

By the way: These are the first pictures taken in my light tent...Soooo happy with how these turned out.

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  1. This is very good! Special!