lørdag den 22. november 2014

Fancy Friday #80: Water Colour Nails

Fabulous challenge this week, another technique I haven't had time to explore yet, so it was nice finally to get on the band wagon :D.

It is really easy nail art, since it only requires some nail polish, a nail art brush and some acetone.

I used Rica Wipe Out as base colour and the following polishes for the watercolour spludges: Cult Nails Devious Nature, Tied Up, Feel Me Up and Vicious. And Essie Mojito Madness for the green touches.

I dotted some polish - one colour at a time - on the nail and the SOAKED the brush in acetone and just placed the brush in the middle of the dots and drew a little with it, continued to the next nail and repeated the process. When I'd finished the last nail, the first was dry enough to get to work with the next colour.

As you can see this mani is REALLY busy, but somehow I really like it!!

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Water Colour negle er nok en teknik jeg endnu ikke har kastet mig ud i, men det var super sjovt og relativt nemt. Det ser en smule rodet ud, men jeg kan faktisk godt lide det her look.

Husk også at checke de andre Fælles Fredag piger og deres Water Colour negle.