fredag den 5. september 2014

Fancy Friday #68: Around the World

This prompt was so inspiring to me - I knew immediately what kind of nail art I'd do with this.

I am a huge Prince fan - have been for the better part of 25 years now - and I have a lot of his earlier albums.

I have always loved the album art for Around the World in a Day, not to mention the music, so naturally I chose to take my inspiration from it.

I decided not to do an exact copy - just using it as an inspiration. Here is what I came up with:

I am really proud of these though they are not particularly advanced. I spent an hour or more and had a blast doing them.

I am enjoying working with my new nail art brushes which seem to have improved my detail work.

Inspirationen til Verden Rundt er kommet fra et Prince album som jeg er vild med: Around the World in a Day - både musikken men også cover kunsten. Det er dog ikke en nøjagtig kopi, mere jeg har brugt det som inspirationskilde ;)