torsdag den 8. september 2011

First up...

I have taken pictures for quite a while with my Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro, and those are in a quality that leaves a lot to be desired. But still I'll post some random swatches from that time.

First up is a swatch of Dior 807, NY 57th, a lovely deep and dark metallic gray, here it looks almost black. Some like to compare it to Chanel's Black Pearl, but BP has a green cast to its base that NY 57th lack - not that that is a bad thing. It was opaque in one coat, but since this was only the second time I used Dior's new brush i had som streaking, so here it is two coats:

Please try to NOT notice my crappy looking cuticles, they are my sore point.

The accent nail is YSL 138, Jaune Surrealiste, a tragically overlooked summer colour, which I find more interesting than Chanel's Mimosa. It is quite sheer, but packed with micro glitter in yellow, pink and light blue, and this picture DO NOT do it any justice. Here I have swatched it(two coats) over Barry M's Lemon Ice Cream. At a later point I will swatch this on its own.

So there it is, my first real nail blog post :)