tirsdag den 21. november 2023

From the Vault: Fancy Friday #88: Striping Tape

I have been in a nail funk for some years, and have been posting mostly to instagram during these last three years. Earlier this year my account got hacked, but I managed to throw the hackers off. Unfortunately Meta has serious problems with some of its functionality so I can't log on to the account at the moment. Thought I'd take some of my postings over here, then.

I went to my drafts folder and found some stuff I hadn't posted last I did a draft purge.

This one is a really old one - from back when some of the Danish nail bloggers had a nail art challenge: 

I was searching deliriously through my nail art supplies and simply couldn't find any striping tape - I was so certain I had at least two rolls of it somewhere. And since I had an idea for this challenge that I really wanted to show you, I decided to grab some nail vinyls instead of skipping this challenge...

So here goes...

I used Elevation Polish Pic du Gar as base which was really hard to photograph - it kept turning blue. So these pics have been filtered in order to get the colour closer to what it really looks like.

The textured polishes are all JulieG Gum Drops: Hot Cinnamon, Crushed Candy and Ho Ho Ho - which due to the colour change is leaning a little too green...GAH you simply can't win!!!!